hey it's....



welcome to my web site

clip art of garfield wearing construction gear with the phrase 'caution! this area is under construction'
under construction babey

this page is about garfield and also coffee. my friend bcj bought the domain as a goof so now as we like to say "it's real". here's some content related to garfield and also coffee (sometimes only one and not the other)

clip art of garfield sitting at a computer with a grouchy face and he is all tangled up in mouse wire. there is block text that says 'IT HAS TO BE MONDAY'
garfield is relatable

my mug

i have a garfield mug that i drink coffee out of. here's a picture:

angled photo of a mug with garfield sitting on a seesaw. he is thinking 'i'm not one who rises to the occasion'
hey garf sometimes... me neither :(

(sorry it's so big im still working on this)

stuff my friends made

i have some really talented friends who have been kind enough to let me share their art on this web site!!! check out the cool garfs with pipes (not coffee) they drew below

tiny drawing in red ink (i think?) of a very minimalist 'garfield'
"a drawing of garfield smoking a pipe (from memory)" by ranjit
pencil drawing on a post-it note of garf smoking a pipe. the pipe is big and one of his legs is splooted out. it's great
"a drawing of garfield smoking a pipe (from memory)" by casey
pencil or possibly crayon drawing of a cat that could be garf smoking a pipe
"memory pipe lasagna cat" by kit
pen and ink drawing of garfield smoking a pipe
"a drawing of garfield smoking a pipe (from memory)" by allison
garf, but graphic
"garf pip mem / I am a graphic designer" by ranjit
pencil drawing of garfield but he is an octopus smoking a blunt and saying DRUGS, underlined
"something’s off about this lasagna cat pipe memory" by jordan
a cat that is possibly garf is sobbing in a box and smoking a pipe. something bad happened to this dude
"a truly terrible garfield" by everest

oh my god i wasn't expecting to make an entire art section so im gona finish this l8r

here's a garf strip about COFFEE that i like

my friend casey made a cooler version of it!!! it's so fuckin good omg

what else.... ok idk wtf this place is but it doesn't look like a real garfield?

TODO: more coffee links